måndag 16 maj 2011

Crunch time!

Hi everyone, it has been another exciting week since I last wrote anything, the reason: the epic crunch has started! For the past week we have been working 12 hours a day, seven days a week! GGC is in less than two weeks and we still have a lot to do. It is tiring but very enjoyable to work like this, we get a lot done in a day and can see our progress! We try to make our crunch as enjoyable as possible, for example, this Saturday we worked, ate pie and watched the Eurovision song contest together :)

For this post I want to update you with some things I have created for the first week of the crunch, as well as show you a texture I made for our character B-Bob quite a while ago.

I am going to begin with sharing some of the textures I have made for some of the mechanical artefacts found in the game.

First out is one of the turrets the players can buy and use as extra defence while playing. This is the Frost turret!

Here is the re spawn machine, if you die while playing the game, here is where you will be resurrected, so you can continue playing! Imagine this with super awesome particle effects of lightning!

Last but not least, here is an example of the mechanical stairs that the teams has placed out in the near vicinity of their home bases to get from low to high ground and vice versa!


So, as I said before I would give you some thoughts on the texture for our second character B-Bob. When creating the texture, I started by making the wheelbarrow in a tree material, as this was what Stina who made the character concept had decided on. When starting out finding a base colour to work from, I could not find anything I liked. After a while I tried a different approach, I decided to make the wheel barrow in a metal material instead. This made more sense to me because B-Bob uses his wheel barrow as his weapon and smashes things with it. If it would have been made of tree it might have been destroyed much earlier. I showed my results to Stina and Elias and they liked it. It was also better because this B-Bob got more contrasts in colour.

Here is a picture of the finished texture of B-Bob including his awesome wheelbarrow :)

So, with that, it is back to work, see ya!

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