torsdag 5 maj 2011


Yo, everyone!

What up? This week has been filled with mishaps and computer crashes. This Monday my computer decided to die and for about two days I could not work at all. I had to make back up files for everything in safe mode on my computer and then turn it in to the technical support at school. The next day when it was returned to me it was installed with old versions of the programs I used and Windows XP. So, therefore I had to spend the entire Tuesday with attaining the correct versions of the programs I needed, install these and get the computer ready for action. One our before going home I could finally start working.

But everything is fixed now and the computer is running smoothly! :D

So instead of telling you of all these boring issues I am going to show you the texture of our first character the Starving Barbarian that I have been working with in two iterations.

I created the first texture some weeks ago, but we decided that the model we used then had too few details. Therefore we added more polygons to the model, making it more interesting. For this texture I just had to move around the diffuse I had created for the model with too few polysgons.

I think it turned out good! The changes to the model really created a more interesting character that is interesting to look at, and has his own character. I especially like the expressionless, yet angry face with the huge bags under his eyes!

Before I go I also want to show you a fun glimps at our next awesome character, at the moment called B-Bob! When I was drawing his face on the diffuse Elias said that he did not have enough lips, and after that it got out of hand! I actually hope that we could use create some nutty textures for our characters just for the fun of it!

Any ways, have a nice evening!

Ciao :)

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