tisdag 17 januari 2012


Hi everyone,

Once again I have managed to ignore the blog for quite some time, maybe it is time for me to realize that I won't make more than one post every month. I guess that is ok as well :)

Now I have been working on animations and would like to show you what i have accomplished during the last few weeks. We have had an assignment in school were we were supposed to plan and execute a motion capture shoot. after that we should use the data we had gathered, clean it and then use it to make animations. I have never animated anything in 3D before so this was a big challenge.

I have certainly learnt a lot. I have learnt about how to plan your animations in great detail and how important it is to be well prepared, both for the shoot and for the work that has to be put on the animations after the cleaned data has been processed. I have learnt how to make an animation tree, and I have realized just how many animations there is in a game on the market. It is an absolutely HUGE amount of work.

I am very happy that I have taken this course. I have new knowledge of what is desired of my models if they are to be animated properly. From here I want to use everything I have learnt of movements, typology, rigging and skinning to make the best models that I can.

Here are the finished animations that I made for the imaginary game "Everybody's Party Games". My team got the assignment to do animations for a bowling mini game. In the mini game there was supposed to be a walk cycle, game play animations based on the players skills and celebration animations dependent on how well the bowl went for the player.

Enjoy :)

My next assignment will be to make a really well modelled and refined model. I will show you my progress as I start working on it here in the blog. I haven't decided yet what to model, but I am thinking of maybe making a vehicle or a gun.

I will keep you updated on my progress, keep gamin'!

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