söndag 11 december 2011

Rapid prototyping

I am really bad at updating I have realized. I do loads of stuff, but never get around to show anything. I really have to get better at this :)

So here is something I can actually show you. I haven't got around to do anymore 3D I can show you unfortunately. There has been a lot going on that has taken up time (Zelda). Instead of any 3D I will instead show you the things I have done for our game design course where we have been doing rapid prototyping.

Me and my BFF Stina made a sandbox storytelling game, and I would like to show you what I contributed with. The task was to make a sandbox game made out of 49 squares (7x7). On each square an event should take place, and the result of the game round should be as a readable story. We decided to set it in a fantasy world with a murder story. You wake up beside your husband who has been brutally murdered. The soldiers of the county are chasing you, but you still want to cleanse your name of any disbelief.

I drew the map with the 49 squares and various game features we had added. I also made the items. Stina had already drawn some of them in the event cards (one for each square), I had to come up with the ones she hadn't drawn, and colour the ones she had. It took quite a while to finish, but was very fun.

I hope I can upload the entire game so you may download it and play it at home :)

I will try to write something as soon as possible and not forget this time :)
Have a happy holliday :)

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  1. This sounds a little like an assignment I gave last year... :) I'd love to play it!