torsdag 8 mars 2012


Hi again.
I thought I should really start to keep my promise and update this blog more often. I have continued working on the church today and I am starting to feel pleased with what it looks like. Tomorrow it will be time for chamfering edges, the entire day. Perhaps not that fun, but quite necessary. I also need to do some clean up of the low poly model. At the moment it is at approximately 12000 polys. I want to get it down to about ten, but we will have to see if it is possible. Here is a picture of the church, still a work in progress.

Also, I realized that my camera has been delayed, and will not be delivered to me until the 21st of March D: I had hoped that I could have taken a walk this weekend and gathered some textures, but apparently not.

Any ways, tomorrow it is Friday, and I am looking forward to the weekend and some relaxing. Hope you have a great evening, I am off to bed and LOTR!

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