onsdag 25 april 2012


Yo everyone!
It has been a busy couple of weeks, and there are more busy weeks to come! Since I last wrote, I have completed the church. At the moment I am happy with the result, but I am hoping that I can play around a bit with dirt textures to really make it cool. That have to wait a bit though, since I have started working with my exam project and paper.

That doesn't bother me though, I have a really fun project going and I am looking forward to working on it. For my exam, I am creating a customizable gun that is inspired by the Ratchet and Clank franchise that is just awesome. I want to create a gun that has the same aesthetics, and I have finished creating the concepts that I thought I should show you!

These were the original concepts, that I then chose my favourites from.

 The idea is that the player first chooses whatever ammo type she wants, the ones you can choose are:
- Plasma (purple)
- Laser (blue)
- Missiles (Orange)

When the player has chosen her ammo she can then put together a gun from the three different part groups, these are:
- Grips
- Barrels
- Chassis.

That then make up your gun. There are three different attributes to take into consideration when creating the gun. It is:

- Power
- Speed
- Range

The different parts are better in some attributes than others. For example you can put together a gun with three different parts, that all support power, or you can put together a more balanced gun that are OK with the three different attributes, but is not over powered in one.

Here is a picture of a few variations of different guns. These parts were the ones I thought fitted best. In total there are 3 different types of ammo, 3 different grips, 3 different barrels and 3 different chassis.

The ammo types and eligible attributes has been decided from a study on line, where Ratchet and Clank players answered what types of things they most of all wanted to change with their guns.

These are the finished concepts, but I am sure they will be changed as I go into 3D. I will have to work a lot on making them rounder, as many of the guns in the Ratchet and Clank has rounded parts.

I am really happy with the results so far, and I am looking forward to making these in 3D. My hope is to create all the twelve parts, but I am on a really tight schedule and we will see if I can make it.

Oh, and I finally got my camera, so I am hoping I can get out and take some cool reference pictures as well as textures for my library of images. I have already spotted a few things in Visby that I want to model.

Anyways, I am going to go lie on the sofa before bed. Have a great evening everyone!

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