lördag 1 september 2012

Time for an update!

Yo everyone!

It has been summer, and therefore I have not written anything in the blog for a while, all though quite a lot has happened! I have graduated with a bachelor degree with major in game design and a minor in graphics (:D), I have worked in a summer camp, I have travelled all over Sweden and, of course, I have been modelling!

Now it is autumn again and it is high time to get the gears running again. I currently have two projects that I am working on. Since I have no real environments in my portfolio I have decided to work with that. The first environment is a sci-fi hangar that my friend Elias Press has drawn (I will give an update on that in a few weeks). The other project is a collaboration with my friend Aydin Afzoud. We discussed collaborating and we decided that we should create a boat house together. He will do the layout and the design of the boathouse and I will model and set everything up in UDK.

I am currently focusing on the boat house. I have made a very basic BSP-brush environment in UDK and I am now trying out different kinds of materials that is going to be placed in the environment. It is very entertaining to work with materials, and I learn new ways of getting the right material, every time I am doing it. I am also looking forward to the modelling, I want to develop my speed, and will try to be as efficient as possible. Here are a few images of the sketches Aydin has made with my measurement scribbles all over. I wanted to be quite thorough when measuring everything so that the proportions of everything works out in the end. You can always make changes in the end, but it will be tough to change everything if you realize that the first thing you quilt does not fit with the rest.

Here are two different materials I have been experimenting with. One is a concrete wall and the other I might use as a metal ceiling. There still is some tweaking to do, but I have a start to work with! I can't wait to see everything as a finished environment, I think our collaboration will turn out really cool! Look out for NorkAfzd in the future :)

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