lördag 3 september 2011

Summer is over

Hi again.

Omg, my last post was right after GGC and I haven't as much as look at my blog since then. It is really time to make an update!
This summer I have been studying life drawing with Pernilla Person as our awesome teacher. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to take this course.

I thought I should post some of the work I did :)

During the course we worked from using simple lines to get the feeling of the pose right, not concerning ourselves with proportions and details.

The next week we added volumes! It was important to get everything at the right place this early in the drawing process, that's why using simple volumes such as boxes and cylinders are so important. That way you can easily change what you have done if you recognize that some thing doesn't fit.

Later in the course we focused more and more on details. Learning about the anatomy and putting the muscles where they were supposed to be. Now there is actually a person instead of simple volumes :)

Also we had the amazing opportunity to draw a female model in a wonderful medieval dress! It was awesome :)

In our last week our job was to build a sculpture with clay, using all that we learned during the course. It is hard to show you in a few pictures of the enormous development in my drawing techniques, but when I look back at the first pieces I made for this course I am very glad of all the things I have learnt. If you have the chance to take this course, DO IT!

Now I'm gonna watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!
Ta ta

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