lördag 24 september 2011


Yo everyone!!

I have been concepting the character of a very short animatic type of film that I am working with in school. The assignment is to create a manuscript, break it down, make concepts and create a storyboard that you are supposed to animate in After Effects.

I have written a short manuscript where the female engineer Logan sneaks around on a space ship and kills aliens. She works on the ship and it has been attacked by insect-like aliens.
So, I have been drawing on the concept of the main character Logan (I know it is a man's name, but I liked the idea of it as a name on a woman :)). Last week I made some silhouettes and now I have been cleaning and put some colour on the concept. The colour really isn't necessary for the assignment, but I thought that it would be fun.

I know that the concept is very sketchy, but I really wanted to post this, so I did it anyway. Well now you can see how I work :)

So any ways, it is Saturday, and time for some cosiness :D


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