tisdag 1 november 2011


Hi everyone.

It was ages since I last posted anything, I know. I really have to learn to upload things more often! Anyways, I have been doing things, I haven't just slacked off and played Oblivion (or have I....). Ok, there has been a little Oblivion, but a lot of drawing and modeling as well. At the moment I am modeling a retro futuristic bus for my coming portfolio (yaaay). I have also been drawing for a storyboard for class and sculpting a bust for my zbrush course.

That is the thing I thought I should show you now. This week we have practised beauty renders and how that works. Last week we managed light rigs so, today we were supposed to make a final render as the assignment for the last week of the course.

My next picture is from a 2D course, the one in with the storyboarding. I created a concept for an alien that the protagonist hunts down. I have shown you the concept for the character before, Logan. This is her antagonist in the story. The one she is supposed to bash the head of. I would like to sculpt this in zbrush later, and maybe put it in my portfolio as well. I think that if I can model assets from the same story concept it will give my portfolio a more complete look, so that is what I am going for.

The 3D bus of course isn't part of this universe, but is another idea of mine.

More on that later fellas, gonna model some more and then have a hamburger with my friends :)

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