onsdag 10 oktober 2012

It's coming together

Yo Everyone!

It has been a while. I have continued working with the environment assets for mine and Aydin's boat hangar project. Soon I will be completely finished with the outside and continue working with the inside. I have already made some meshes for the inside, but they are not at al as finished as the outside.

I will show you some of the  models I have been working on.

Here is a door that is placed on a "balcony" of the main house.

 Next is a pair of search lights that are placed over a garage type door

 And finally, this is a vent, placed at the far back corner of the main building.

All the assets has been created in 3D Studio Max, the textures has been made in Photoshop, with the help of images I have downloaded from cgtextures.com. The pieces has been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

I will give you a picture of the whole building with all its assets in a while, there are a few finishing touches I want to make first though :)

Have a nice week, I'll keep you posted!

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