torsdag 25 oktober 2012



It's Thursday, and today I am going to Stockholm to visit my family over the weekend. It's going to be great! As you know I have been working on a boat hangar with my friend Aydin. It is nearing completion, on the outside, at least. When the outside is done, I will take a break from this project and do something else for a while, just to get a new perspective and try out something else.

These are two snapshots of what the outside looks like at the moment. There are some finishing touches that has to be done. I will work a bit more on the material on the main building, add a ton of cool decals and collision boxes for all the meshes.

Below are the four different barrels that can be seen in the scene. I made two standard barrels and then imported them to Zbrush and made two different smashed variations.

Now I will be going for lunch. Have a great day!!

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