onsdag 14 november 2012

New Project!

Yo, yo yo!

Since last time a lot has happened! I finished the outside of the boat hangar and it is now on display on my new website :D. You can all check it out at http://marianorkvist.com/

Since Monday I have started with a new project. This time around I wanted to make a vehicle. Already in the spring of 2012 I found out about the awesome GM Futurliner, and now I am actually going to make it in 3D. The GM Futurliner was a display vehicle developed by General Motors in the forties. A total of 12 vehicles were produced. They were used in General Motors campain "Parade of Progress", where they displayed the cars and technology of the future. The parade ran in the UD between 1940-1941 and 1953 to 1956. Of the twelve, nine are still known to exist, and car number eight, the only one of the vehicles outside of the US, is actually located here in Sweden.

You should all check out this bus as it is super cool! I, for one was perplexed by the awesomeness of it. I started modeling yesterday and have been modelling for about 6-8 hours. I am quite finished with the outside, there are a few details left. Tomorrow I will make the insides of the bus, I think it will be loads of fun.

My idea for this project is to create the vehicle, shiny new and beautiful, as well as a scene were the car is placed in an interesting environment. The vehicle in the scene will be a wreck compared to the new shiny version.

Now I'm gonna go for a jog, gotta keep dem legs moving.

See ya'll!

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